TGIF Management Toastmasters Club

In existence since 1971..

Welcome to one of the premier Toastmasters Club in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Ours is a friendly, closely-knit community of long-timers and newly minted Toastmasters with an eclectic vibe.

Our fun and
welcoming environment provides a platform for members to improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

Our club meetings are at 7 a.m. on Fridays in Hybrid Format.

Take the leap today!

In person location: 4020 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 218 San Jose, CA 95117.

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If you are a night person and think cannot make it this early? You'll be surprised!

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Member Highlights

We have a "no strings attached" policy for guests - you are welcome to visit us any number of times!

Our guests say..

“I’m impressed with the turnout of members. Loved listening to all the speakers today”

“Club is 'Energetic'. I enjoyed the vibes of the club and will continue to attend”

“Loved the energy of the club. Everyone got a chance to talk. Looking forward to attending frequently and preparing for speeches”

Our members experience...

"I joined Toastmasters to become an engaging speaker. It worked! It's much easier to get things done when you communicate well. In meetings, it's now second nature to me to understand my audience, listen, relate what I need to, and issue a clear call to action. It's made me a pretty good project leader!"

- Andy Keates, Member for 11+ years

"In just a year after joining TGIF, I was elected as the Club President. Speaking opportunities, performing officer roles alongside constructive feedback helped me immensely and played a key role in helping me reach leadership position at work. In 2021, I won the Division D Table Topics contest, competing across 20+ clubs and represented our club at the District level Table Topics as a Finalist. All this could not have happened without TGIF. "

- Arthy, Club President 2020, Member since 2019

"My manager is the one who referred me to Toastmasters. I was trying to find clubs through Toastmasters site. I found this one and wanted to attend a session to check how things are. In my first session, it was absolute fun and loved every bit of it. I did try few more but nothing was good as TGIF. It was diverse with people from varying background and skills which I value a lot"

- Deeraj, Club Secretary 2021, Member since 2020

Our members carry the lessons and experiences gained here to their world for both personal and professional growth..